Ways To Make Your Loved One's Memorial Service Special

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Make your loved one's memorial service special by adding personalized details that will show your respect and help you, your family members, and friends remember them in a positive manner.

Candles And Holders That Are Personalized

Decorate clear candle holders with pictures of your loved one and special times that were shared with family and friends. Attach the pictures with two sided tape or a few dots of craft glue. Place small votive candles inside of the holders and light them during the service while a family member gives a statement about your loved one. Once the ceremony is over, give a candle to each person who attended the service so that they can bring it home and reflect upon it from time to time.

Box That Is Filled With Memories

Cover a wooden box and matching lid with pictures of things that made your loved one happy. Attach these these to the outside of the box and lid with glue. Place the box on a small table near the entrance way to the funeral home. Have pieces of paper and pens available for each guest to write on. As they enter the funeral home, they can share their fondest memories that include your loved one and place them inside of the box. After the funeral service is over, close the box and bury it in your backyard. Set up a small plaque over the spot that contains the memories. 

Balloons With Inspirational Quotes

Purchase balloons that have inspirational quotes printed on them. Take them to a business that is able to fill them up with helium for you. As the memorial service draws to a close, hand the balloons out to your family members and friends. Go outside to a wide open area and have each person release the balloons into the air. Everyone can take a moment to think about your loved one in silence or recite a poem quietly as the balloons fly further and further away. 

Each of these ideas can help you, your family, and friends celebrate your loved one's life and remember positive times that were shared together. Discuss these options with the funeral director like one from Holcombe-Fisher Funeral Home who is helping you set up the memorial service. The director may even be able to give you some additional ideas that you will want to use, along with these ones, to make the event special for the person who you have recently lost. 


16 March 2015

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