Unable To Have A Child Of Your Own? Some Alternate Options

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If you have been informed that you are unable to get pregnant and carry a child of your own, there are other options that are available to be able to have a child to take care of and love. Here are some of the choices you have available in being able to have a son or daughter of your own one day.


If you are unable to go through pregnancy or birth on your own, you might want to look into hiring a surrogate to carry a baby for you. You would need to find a reputable surrogacy program and you would want to interview the prospective carriers to find out if there is someone you believe would be a good candidate to carry your baby for you.

You could have some of your eggs extracted and frozen and your partner's sperm would be used to fertilize your eggs in a laboratory setting. The person you pick would have fertilized eggs implanted within their uterus in hope that one will implant. You would have a baby that has you and your partner's genetics; you just would not need to carry the baby in your body yourself.

Adoption Process

If surrogacy is not an option because you do not have viable eggs, you can look into the adoption process. There are many orphaned children that are in need of parents of their own. Many times, people will adopt out of the country. There is a higher amount of children needing help and many people will take the route so they do not need to wait as long to have a child.

Contact a licensed adoption agency and talk to a representative about what your options are in getting the process started. You will need to have clearances and a lot of paperwork will need to be completed proving you are desirable parents that will be able to provide the necessities a child needs. Many times you will need to be able to travel to pick up a child when one becomes available, so you will want to have a valid passport in case you need to make a surprise trip.

Foster Parenting

If you are not monetarily able to pay for an adoption, you may be able to sign up for a fostering program. You would have the fulfillment knowing you are helping a child in needed. Foster parents are needed for children that are displaced due to tough family situations. Sometimes a child will need to be separated from their real parents due to a court order. In the interim, the children need someone to care for them while waiting to be placed back with their own parents or with other family members.

If there are no other family members available, the child may be stuck in the system for a while. You would be able to raise the child while he or she needs help most. You could be a good parenting role model and the self-fulfillment of being a foster parent is one that cannot be matched. 

Talk to your local adoption agency, such as http://www.achildsdream.org, for more information.


20 January 2015

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