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Learn How To Properly Plan For Your Cremation

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If you want to be cremated when you pass away, there is certain planning that needs to take place to ensure that everything goes according to your plans. There are many things that you may not think to consider when planning your cremation though. The following guide walks you through the steps you may not realize you need to consider before you pass away. Consider Your Cremation Vessel There are many options when it comes to cremation vessels nowadays. You can choose to have your ashes placed in jewelry that your family wears to always have you close by them. There are urns that are designed to look like vases so they can sit on mantles or bookcases without looking like an eyesore. There are also vessels that are designed to be biodegradable, so that they can be buried in the ground and then absorbed over time. It is up to you to specify the exact vessel you want to be placed in before you pass. Consider Where You Want Your Ashes Spread If you want to have your ashes spread rather than buried, you need to choose where you want to have them spread. Once you know where you want to have your ashes spread, you need to find out what permissions are needed to spread the ashes in that particular location. Even though you will be cremated into ashes, there are some jurisdictions that still look at the spreading of ashes as the spreading of remains and will not allow it to take place in their jurisdictions. There are some places where you can get pre-authorization to have your ashes spread in a specific place once you pass away though. You would need to visit your local environmental protection agency to find out what you would need to do to get permission to have your ashes spread in the particular location you have chosen. Consider if You Want a Wake Next, you need to consider if you want to have a wake before or after you are cremated. You can have an open casket wake before you are cremated so that loved ones can say goodbye to you, if you choose. Professional funeral homes, like Ahlgrim & Sons Funeral And Cremation Services LTD, have rental caskets that can be used at your wake so that your family can see you before you are cremated. Once you have taken these options into consideration, you need to be sure that you put your final decisions in writing. This will ensure that you can get the funeral you want to get and your final wishes can be...

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Shopping For A Wedding Dress? A Few Important Things To Take To The Bridal Shop

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Shopping for a wedding dress can be a long, stressful event. Do not plan on having it done in a few hours, or even a few days. Before you head out to the first bridal shop, pack a bag with a few items that will help make the day less stressful. The better prepared and more at ease you are, the sooner you will have the dress of your dreams. Here are a few things to make sure you take with you, having them just may be the way to keep your shopping to one store instead of traveling all over the state. Shoes While most bridal shops will have shoes available, wearing new ones while trying on dresses could cause your feet to pinch or blister, making everything uncomfortable. Pack a few pair of shoes with different heel heights. If you know you want your heels to be a specific height because of your own or your fiancé’s height, be sure to bring those to make sure the dress hem is at the right place. Hair Ties Whether you are going to wear your hair up or down, you will still want to see how the neckline looks from all angles. In addition, you will be able to get a better idea of how to wear your hair with the dress if you have the option of putting it up. Dress Pictures You have probably looked through magazines to find a dress. If you like the bodice of one but the skirt portion of a different one, having them on hand to show the attendant will make the process easier. Bring pictures of any beadwork, embroidery or other embellishments you may want as well. Snacks and Drinks Many bridal shops will have water available for drinking, however, if you are going to be there all day – which is possible – having a few snacks on hand can keep you from getting a headache. Trying on big wedding dresses is hot, tiring work, you are going to want to eat at some point during the day, or you will get cranky. To make the day a mini celebration, take along a few friends and family members. Not only will you then have the opinions of others as to how the dress looks, it will keep you in good spirits. In addition, make sure you are wearing good underwear—the attendant is probably going to see you in it at some point. Have everything ready to go before heading to the shop and things won’t be so hurried and frantic while shopping. Avoiding stress for the different aspects of planning a wedding will keep things on track for a stress-free wedding. If you’re looking for a bridal shop near you, visit Bridal...

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Ways To Make Your Loved One’s Memorial Service Special

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Make your loved one’s memorial service special by adding personalized details that will show your respect and help you, your family members, and friends remember them in a positive manner. Candles And Holders That Are Personalized Decorate clear candle holders with pictures of your loved one and special times that were shared with family and friends. Attach the pictures with two sided tape or a few dots of craft glue. Place small votive candles inside of the holders and light them during the service while a family member gives a statement about your loved one. Once the ceremony is over, give a candle to each person who attended the service so that they can bring it home and reflect upon it from time to time. Box That Is Filled With Memories Cover a wooden box and matching lid with pictures of things that made your loved one happy. Attach these these to the outside of the box and lid with glue. Place the box on a small table near the entrance way to the funeral home. Have pieces of paper and pens available for each guest to write on. As they enter the funeral home, they can share their fondest memories that include your loved one and place them inside of the box. After the funeral service is over, close the box and bury it in your backyard. Set up a small plaque over the spot that contains the memories.  Balloons With Inspirational Quotes Purchase balloons that have inspirational quotes printed on them. Take them to a business that is able to fill them up with helium for you. As the memorial service draws to a close, hand the balloons out to your family members and friends. Go outside to a wide open area and have each person release the balloons into the air. Everyone can take a moment to think about your loved one in silence or recite a poem quietly as the balloons fly further and further away.  Each of these ideas can help you, your family, and friends celebrate your loved one’s life and remember positive times that were shared together. Discuss these options with the funeral director like one from Holcombe-Fisher Funeral Home who is helping you set up the memorial service. The director may even be able to give you some additional ideas that you will want to use, along with these ones, to make the event special for the person who you have recently...

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I’m Pregnant For The First Time. Now What?

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Pregnancy can be a joyful, exciting experience. Unfortunately, it can also be a confusing or even frightening if you don’t know what to expect. As a first-time mother, you might be wondering what to do next. Here is a quick list of five first steps you can take to help your pregnancy go smoothly: 1. See your doctor. If you haven’t done so already, schedule a prenatal visit with your doctor. They can give you helpful advice on taking care of your body and your health throughout your pregnancy. They will also want to see you for routine prenatal screening throughout your pregnancy. It’s a good idea to find an OB/GYN as soon as possible in order to build a comfortable doctor-patient relationship with your healthcare provider. 2. Start taking vitamins. Unless advised against it by your doctor, prenatal vitamins are a good idea for any expecting mother. It can be hard to eat a balanced diet all the time, so prenatal vitamins can help to “fill in the gaps” where your nutrition is lacking. Vitamins can help you stay healthy, while providing your growing baby with the nutrients it needs to develop properly. 3. Consider seeing a counselor. Pregnancy is a big event in a woman’s life, one which will change your whole lifestyle. This can seem like a daunting proposition. If you’re feeling scared or unsure about your pregnancy, or even if you’d just like to speak to a friendly listener, you should consider seeing a therapist or counselor. A counselor can help you sort through your feelings about your pregnancy and provide a sense of comfort. 4. Stay active. According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, exercising during pregnancy can boost your energy and improve your mood. It can also reduce unpleasant pregnancy side effects such as backaches and constipation. Unless you have a medical issue that contraindicates exercise, it’s a good idea to stay active throughout your pregnancy. If you enjoy yoga, you might consider taking a prenatal yoga class. These classes are built with pregnant ladies in mind and are often gentle on the body. 5. Relax! Some stress is normal and even healthy in daily life, but too much can be harmful to the body. This is especially true when you’re pregnant. If you’re prone to anxiety and worry, speak to your pregnancy counselor or therapist, who can come up with strategies to help you keep your cool. Meditation is one option to consider. Many people find that daily meditation helps to quiet their troubled minds. Pregnancy can be scary, especially when you don’t know what to expect. Fortunately, there are many resources and professionals you can turn to who can guide you through this exciting and life-changing process. These five tips are a good starting point to help you on your joyful journey toward...

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Unable To Have A Child Of Your Own? Some Alternate Options

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If you have been informed that you are unable to get pregnant and carry a child of your own, there are other options that are available to be able to have a child to take care of and love. Here are some of the choices you have available in being able to have a son or daughter of your own one day. Surrogacy  If you are unable to go through pregnancy or birth on your own, you might want to look into hiring a surrogate to carry a baby for you. You would need to find a reputable surrogacy program and you would want to interview the prospective carriers to find out if there is someone you believe would be a good candidate to carry your baby for you. You could have some of your eggs extracted and frozen and your partner’s sperm would be used to fertilize your eggs in a laboratory setting. The person you pick would have fertilized eggs implanted within their uterus in hope that one will implant. You would have a baby that has you and your partner’s genetics; you just would not need to carry the baby in your body yourself. Adoption Process If surrogacy is not an option because you do not have viable eggs, you can look into the adoption process. There are many orphaned children that are in need of parents of their own. Many times, people will adopt out of the country. There is a higher amount of children needing help and many people will take the route so they do not need to wait as long to have a child. Contact a licensed adoption agency and talk to a representative about what your options are in getting the process started. You will need to have clearances and a lot of paperwork will need to be completed proving you are desirable parents that will be able to provide the necessities a child needs. Many times you will need to be able to travel to pick up a child when one becomes available, so you will want to have a valid passport in case you need to make a surprise trip. Foster Parenting If you are not monetarily able to pay for an adoption, you may be able to sign up for a fostering program. You would have the fulfillment knowing you are helping a child in needed. Foster parents are needed for children that are displaced due to tough family situations. Sometimes a child will need to be separated from their real parents due to a court order. In the interim, the children need someone to care for them while waiting to be placed back with their own parents or with other family members. If there are no other family members available, the child may be stuck in the system for a while. You would be able to raise the child while he or she needs help most. You could be a good parenting role model and the self-fulfillment of being a foster parent is one that cannot be matched.  Talk to your local adoption agency, such as http://www.achildsdream.org, for more...

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